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Arany Apartmanok
Why is it the best choice?

12 reasons for Golden Apartments
Eternal view of Lake Balaton. It is a special gift of this holiday resort that it is surrounded by the lake on both sides and every guest can benefit from the magnificent view of the lake...
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Arany Apartmanok
High quality Construction Works

High quality Construction Works without compromises
The two buildings further back on the coast have a more hidden side and stairs lend a rhythm to them.
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Arany Apartmanok
Beautiful view of lake Balaton 

Apartments directly on the shore with a view on both sides

The special feature of the 22 000 large real estate is that it is uniquely surrounded by the lake on both sides.
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Arany Apartmanok
The beauty of lake Balaton

Siófok from winter to summer, for every generation
Balaton is the biggest sweet water lake in Central Europe. It is 590 square metres. It is 77 km long and 8-14 km wide. Its average depth is only 3-4- metres. 
Arany Apartmanok
A harbour of your own

Real luxury: An anchoring place belonging to your apartment
When we decided to build ''the holiday resort of your dreams'' it was very important for us to create a highly sophisticated marina by European standards as a part of our project made possible by Balaton Development Plan.
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Arany Apartmanok
Pools on the beach

Pools for children and adults on the beach
Owners of the holiday units can enjoy the following services in the area brought about by the investor whose maintenance later will be the task of the owners as operating costs...
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Szigeti Eszter
marketing manager

phone: +36 30 9 202 808
email: info(kukac)almainyaraloja.hu

Sales Office:
Siófok, Szt. László street 191.
(The end of Szent László street )

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Arany Apartmanok Álmai Nyaralója Siófok Arany Apartmanok Álmai Nyaralója Siófok Arany Apartmanok Álmai Nyaralója Siófok Arany Apartmanok Álmai Nyaralója Siófok